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Krav Maga Thailand Bangkok Israeli Krav Maga Hand to Hand Combat Martial Arts Combatives Self Defence Lessons Pattaya Thailand Krav Maga

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Krav Maga Thailand Bangkok Self Defense Martial Arts Hand To Hand Combat Defence Israeli Krav Maga Thailand

Krav Maga Thailand You can learn Israeli Krav Maga Self Defense Reality Based Martial Arts Training Hand to Hand Combat Combatives Lessons at Krav Maga Thailand based in Pattaya which is just over 90 minutes on the beach south of Bangkok Thailand.

You can come train in Self Defense Martial Art Israeli Krav Maga CQC Hand to Hand Combatives in Pattaya where lessons workshops, seminars, Krav Maga Instructor Certification Training Courses at Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya.

Krav Maga Instructor Training Certification Courses Krav Maga Thailand Pattaya

Krav Maga Instructor Courses training you to become a certified krav maga instructor and self defense combatives hand to hand combat defensive tactics instructor at Krav Maga Instructor Training Courses Krav Maga Thailand.

You if you have 3 strong current years and preferably 4 years current training experience with a good standard in a strike based punching kicking kneeing elbow striking orientated martial art,  krav maga, kick boxing, muay thai boxing or even very strong boxing experience.

You may qualify to apply to do our 7 Day Krav Maga Instructor Certification Training Course Thailand which if you are accepted we offer you as an private individual or if you have a small group of krav maga or martial artists who qualify to do our Krav Maga Instructors Course Krav Maga Thailand.

Krav Maga Thailand can offer you Krav Maga Instructor  Courses running all year around to suit your schedule to come to Pattaya Thailand to complete the 7 Day Krav Maga Instructor Certification training course.  Please contact us for details by clicking Krav Maga Instructor Training Course Thailand